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LU Goes Trayless
Did you know that by going trayless, you can improve your environmental footprint? Not only does using a tray save water consumption and uses less detergent, it can also help reduce food waste. A study conducted by ARAMARK in 2008, found that removing trays from dining halls reduced waste by 25-30%, and a survey found that 75% of students, faculty, and staff said they would accept removal of trays.
Go Local with LU
Through our “i go local” initiative, we are excited to be partnering with many producers in the greater Thunder Bay area, within Ontario and/or 250 miles. Where not feasible, we place an emphasis on sourcing products from surrounding provinces and within Canada. We have visited many of these farms as we expand our partnerships and integrate more of their local products into our menu through signature local /sustainable menu items! Some of our local farm partners include: Vanderwees Farms (eggs); Thunder Oak Cheese Farm (specialty cheeses); Bennett’s Bakery (breads and bakery products); Veg e tate Garden (microgreens) and The Fish Shop.
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